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What is Jumptags?

Jumptags is a free online bookmarking service that allows you to create, organize, share and publish your bookmarks online.

What's so special about it? Jumptags.com is perhaps the only online bookmarking service that goes beyond bookmarks. A Jumptag can be a bookmark, a note, a video, a contact, an RSS feed and more...

Import your existing bookmarks and/or create new jumptags using the Jumptags.com website or the Jumptags toolbars.
Use tags to organize your jumptags and create collections to group your jumptags together
Invite your friends to share a collection with you and contribute their own jumptags. Make your jumptags publicly available to everyone.
Make your jumptags public and available for everyone. Publish your jumptags on your own personal webspace.
Use the Jumptags.com website and toolbars to search for jumptags. Take advantage of the advanced quick find (autocomplete) search boxes, select the jumptag you want to visit and jump!